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Besan is a pulse flour that is made from chana dal, derived from desi chana or Bengal gram. Besan is high in fibre and protein relative to other flours as the pulse itself is low in glycemic index and has more good fat than any other flour.

Besan is amongst the most versatile flour that has varied uses across the Indian sub-continent cuisine, it is used for dry snacks like sev, chaklis, etc., snacks like pakoras, bonda, chilas etc, in curries, as a flour for rotis and in Indian sweets, many famous mithais have besan as a core ingredient and many are favourites of kids and grown ups alike.

At Svaguna, we make our besan from naturally desi chana/ Bengal gram grown in our food forest Vivavan situated in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh. We make chana dal from desi gram and convert it to besan by freshly grounding whenever required ensuring it is freshly packed.

Svaguna’s besan is pure as it is derived from naturally cultivated desi gram that is free of any chemicals and there are no other flours added to our besan so it is gluten free.

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