Before we tell you the Top 10 TV Programmes On Environmental Issues, Let us ask you a question :- What are your weekend plans most of the time during COVID-19?

We know your probable answer would be relaxing at home and binge-watching a new series or a movie on the internet. This is what we also do most of the time. We are mostly interested in watching series which are thriller, action-packed or comedy. We don’t ever think of watching a TV series which gives a strong message or creates awareness about various societal issues. We are not very excited about such programmes as we are of the notion that these programmes are monotonous and would not give you that dose of entertainment.

But what if we tell you that many such programmes are being aired on television that is as interesting and exciting to watch as well. The environment has been a significant concern for years. Different environmental issues have been addressed and catered to. There are a plethora of articles and blogs online which have stressed upon the causes of such ecological problems and how they are deteriorating the environment. But reading always becomes a little boring. So, learning and getting awareness about such issues through videos could also be an exciting and eye-catchy option. 

There are a lot of programmes and documentaries available on such issues so that we can learn and educate ourselves, understand the concept in a better way and get informed about the steps and measures that can be taken to move towards a sustainable environment. These programmes will be more engaging and exciting to watch as they will connect the people visually with them. Such programmes are like an eye-opener for the people so that they can understand their environment and related issues and what measures they can take as individuals. Below is the list of Programmes On Environmental Issues.

So, let’s have a look at the Top 10 TV Programmes On Environmental Issues that you can binge-watch with a bucket of popcorn beside you.

  1. Before the Flood– This Netflix series produced by Leonardo DiCaprio in collaboration with national geographic where the actor visits different countries to understand the effects of global warming and finding out ways to fight against its consequences, this series focuses on the impact that climate change has on the other phenomenons and the environment. It provides solutions to the problems caused by global warming both on the individual level and government level. Among the best programmes on environmental issues.
  2. Our planet- This Netflix series of 8 episodes discusses the different global ecosystems like deserts, oceans, icebergs, jungle and forests. In each episode, the effect that the human activities have had on these ecosystems and biodiversity is discovered and shares specific ways of protecting and stopping the degradation of the planet at individual and collective levels. It is also among highly rated Programmes On Environmental Issues.
  3. A plastic ocean- This awakening British documentary discusses the causes and consequences of plastic pollution on the environment and marine life. The plastic waste is collected in the oceans and is degrading marine life and the ecosystem. This programme aims to create awareness among people on the harmful consequences of plastic and how ocean pollution is increasing day by day and deteriorating flora and fauna living in the oceans.
  4. Tomorrow- This particular documentary works on finding solutions rather than showing problems. The documentary shows some great examples of how some projects are undertaken which are contributing towards a more sustainable planet. It offers a very positive approach to the topics of climate change and sustainability. This was aired on television in 2018. 
  5. Years of living dangerously– This Emmy winning series by National Geographic was made to focus and explain the consequences of climate change and what actions can be taken to help the future generations to survive. The series shows the host travelling to different countries to understand and discuss the scientific aspect of climate change and collect evidence and proofs for the same. It focuses on what affects climate change has on the people and what we as individuals can do to combat the rising temperatures. This series was aired in 2014 on National geographic as one of the Programmes On Environmental Issues.
  6. Sustainable– This farmer-friendly American documentary focuses on how innovative and sustainable ways of producing food are found. It shows how soil fertility can be improved and make farming less polluting and more productive. This documentary focuses on agriculture and is impacted because of ecological issues. This documentary goes out to help the farmers reach out to more sustainable ways of agriculture.
  7. Chasing coral– The documentary aired on Netflix is about concern and awareness regarding the coral reefs that have disappeared and are starting to go extinct. It shows how coral reefs are essential marine life creatures to maintain a balance in the ecosystem and on the planet.
  8. VICE– This TV series is broadcasted on HBO. This show digs deep into the dark secrets of the issues surrounding the world. Topics like global warming and environment, human rights issues and politics happening around the world are discussed and discovered. One of the episodes on melting icebergs in Greenland showed how the ice is melting at such a fast pace and in turn causing a rise in global sea levels. This show is an eye-opener to know the issues encompassing our planet and how they have serious consequences.
  9. Blue Planet 2- This David Attenborough series is a must to be added to the list of TV programmes on environmental issues. This is the second part of the series, which was documented 16 years ago. The blue planet 2 takes you to the world of marine life. The stories of the underwater animals are shown through high-quality videos. It also shows the importance of marine life for biodiversity and how human activities have impacted marine life severely. It reveals the secrets of the underwater world and brings you closer with new scientific and photographic developments.
  10. Seven worlds, One planet– This was broadcasted last year hosted by David Attenborough. The series showed the beauty of seven continents and how the animals living in those continents are affected. It shows the animal diversity and how the lives of animals are in the seven continents. 


These programmes on environmental issues  are a must-watch for nature lovers. These programmes give insight into the environment and its components. These programmes show how the environment is surrounded by so many issues and how these issues have impacted the biodiversity. So, what are you waiting for, plan your next weekends by choosing any one series from the list above while you lye down comfortably on your couch with a big bucket of popcorn? Besides programmes on environmental issues, Also read 9 top environmentalists.

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