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RO water filters are a blessing. Thanks to the technology of reverse osmosis which could filter water. RO filters provide drinking water but at the same time discharge more wastewater. The discharged water is unfit for consumption. Usually, this discharge water is directed to a sink.

Did you know? An average RO filter could produce 5 gallons discharge water for 1-gallon drinking water.

The discharge water is portable but not consumable. It would be amazing if every RO filter user could save the discharge water and reuse it. The advantage of collecting the discharge water is that the RO filter will continually discharge a relatively constant quantity of water. All the RO filter users could step towards conserving water by reusing the discharge water in the following ways.

1. Watering plants
The discharge water is rich with minerals and dissolved substances. This would help in the growth of the plants.

2. Mopping the floor
Collecting discharge water for mopping floor and cleaning is very simple. If the house is big then it could save tens of litres of water almost every day.

3. Toilet Flush
Toilet flush uses a lot of potable water. RO waste water can be used effectively to reduce this wastage of clean water by using it to flush your toilets.

4. Laundry
The discharge water can be collected and used to wash clothes. For washing machines the discharge water can be directed into the inlet of washing machines.

5. Washing
Washing cars and utensils wastes water. Washing with RO water could save clean water. For washing utensils, simply store the wastewater in bucket or tank, make sure you place the bucket for collecting RO waste water near your kitchen sink so it can be used easily when you clean your utensils.

At home, water used is lesser than that used in commercial buildings. In commercial settings, the potential uses include pre-rinsing, laundry, toilet and urinal flushing, irrigation, washing hardscapes, evaporative cooling, decorative fountains, swimming pools, vehicle wash, etc.


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