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On Wednesday, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations renewed their partnership to provide a collaborative effort to attaining the sustainable development goals. The Director-Generals of both the organisations signed a new Memorandum of Understanding in Paris.

“This new agreement opens a new chapter in the relationship between our two organizations,” said FAO’s Director-General, Graziano da Silva. “We need to work closely together to accelerate our efforts towards the goals set out under Agenda 2030.”

Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO also highlighted the role of the partnership to overcome the challenges faced by the world. “The nexus between education, culture, food, and health is at the center of many of the challenges faced in this century”, she said. “We are committed to strengthening our collaboration in these areas to create sustainable futures for societies.”

The agenda of the partnership is to achieve SDGs, most importantly, to end world hunger and provide basic education to every child. The two agencies also agreed to provide modules, aids and live sessions across numerous schools. It will include teaching kids about how sustainable development can bring a change in understanding, and pave way for a sustainable future.

These two organisations also aim to develop a knowledge-sharing platform on nexus between food, culture, education, and peace for rural areas around the world. The platform is aimed at inspiring and engaging youth to work in favour of SDGs and lead their communities towards a sustainable future.

FAO continue to focus on Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems with UNESCO’s World Heritage Systems. The union will also take in account UNESCO’s World Heritage Convention and FAO’s GIAHS related to environmental conservation, climate change.

FAO and UNESCO are two of the biggest and most efficient organisations in the world driving the vehicle of sustainability and ensuring a better and prosperous future for everyone.


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