Climate change has been an issue that the world has faced in past years. Climate change is an alarming issue whose impact is felt by all individuals. The weather is becoming warmer with passing time, and an absurd increase in the atmospheric temperature has led to various changes in the earth. Increasing human activities like deforestation, exploitation of natural resources, and misuse of fossil fuels have contributed to climate change. As per the statistics, the rate at which the earth’s temperature rises is a cause of concern. The earth temperature will increase by 1-degree Celsius to 5 degrees in the next decade. If this rising issue is not taken care of, we will have to face serious consequences. And we, as individuals and responsible citizens, can do our part to fight climate change and work towards a better planet. 


Although people, communities and businesses are moving towards sustainable living, we can do much more to fight climate change. As the adage goes, “little by little, fills the pot”. We as individuals can contribute towards making the world a better place, and with these 7 simple ways, we can fight climate change in the coming year.


7 ways we can together fight climate change in 2022

1. Staying away from meat and dairy items is probably the greatest method for decreasing the environmental impact on the world. Studies propose that a high-fibre, plant-based eating regimen is additionally better for your wellbeing – so it tends to be a mutual benefit. Eat less or more modest bits of meat, particularly red meat, which has the biggest environmental impact, and decrease dairy items or switch them for non-dairy options. Attempt to pick new and occasional produce developed locally to lessen the fossil fuel byproducts from transportation, conservation and delayed refrigeration.


2. Little changes to your lifestyle at home will assist you with utilizing less energy, cutting your carbon impression and energy bills: Put on an additional layer and turn down the heating a degree or two. Switch out lights and gadgets when you needn’t bother with them. Supplant lights with LEDs or other low-energy lights. Make straightforward changes to how you utilize heated water, such as purchasing a water-productive shower head. Ensure your house is energy production. Check the structure has legitimate insulation, and consider draft-sealing windows and entryways. If you are in leased convenience, anteroom your landowner to ensure the property is energy proficient. Switching energy supply to a green tax is a great method for putting resources into environmentally friendly power sources – and could get a good deal on bills as well.


3. Green spaces, like parks and gardens, are significant. They retain carbon dioxide and are related to lower levels of air contamination. They help to direct temperature by cooling overheated metropolitan regions, decreasing flood hazards by engrossing surface water, and giving significant living spaces to a wide assortment of insects, creatures, birds, and creatures of land and water. They likewise give numerous advantages to general wellbeing, with studies connecting green space to decreased degrees of stress—planting more trees. Make your own green space. Add pot plants to your window ledge or gallery, and if you have your own outside space, don’t supplant the grass with clearing or artificial turf.


4. All that we use as purchasers have a carbon impression. Keep away from single-use things and fast fashion, and do whatever it takes not to purchase an excess. Search for second-hand or quality things that keep going for quite a while. Set out to utilize your buying power by picking brands that line up with your new green goals. Fix and reuse. Give undesirable things another life by giving them to a good cause or selling them on. Try not to squander food. Inform brands as to whether you think they are utilizing a lot of packaging as some brands will seriously view client input.


5. Reduce your transportation emissions– Rather than getting in the vehicle you should try walking or cycling that will not only give you physical and psychological benefits but will also save your cash. For longer excursions, utilize public vehicles, or attempt vehicle sharing plans. In addition to the fact that cars contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, however, air contamination brought about by fumes vapour from traffic represents a genuine danger to general wellbeing. It has been displayed to influence the strength of unborn children and increment the danger of dementia. Examine exchanging your diesel or petroleum vehicle for an electric or hybrid model. Then again, assuming you need one for a brief time frame, some all-electric vehicle hire organizations exist. When in the driver’s seat, contemplate how you drive: Switch off the motor when you park up. Ensure the tires are completely siphoned and that the oxygen sensors are neat – this can further amp up the vehicles fuel mileage and productivity by up to 3% and 40% individually.


5. Invest sustainably- Discover where your cash goes. Voice your interests in mindful investment by keeping in touch with your bank or annuity supplier, and inquire as to whether you can quit reserves by putting resources into non-renewable energy sources. There are additionally various ‘ethical banks’ you can research. Banks, annuities reserves and large corporations regularly hold investments in fossil fuel organizations. Notwithstanding, the conversation around responsible investment – weighing up environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and thinking about them when investing cash – is growing.


6. Discussions are a great method for spreading enormous ideas. As you roll out these positive improvements to diminish your ecological effect, share your involvement in your family, companions, clients and customers. Try not to be a drag or fierce. Rather, talk positively, and speak the truth about the good and less promising times.



The world needs a synergist shift toward climate change with a cut in greenhouse gas emissions, finishing fossil fuel subsidies and new non-renewable energy source projects, cutting methane, the second most significant supporter of global warming, halting deforestation and back should be the brilliant string for environment tact. We can successfully reduce the impact of climate change through some of these ways and make the planet greener and cleaner.