Remember that blog we wrote about saving food, reducing wastage, and how refrigerators are amazing. Well, this one is a stretch on that because we are going to tell you about the 5 amazing eco-friendly upgrades over the usual refrigerators. So, without further ado, let us get started

Smeg 24-Inch 50s Style Refrigerator

eco-friendly refrigerator

An amazing choice for an HFC-free refrigerator, this one is super energy efficient and RoHS and REACH compliant. This eco-friendly refrigerator strictly adheres to the Eu sustainability standards. The firm has been so well known for its commitment that it has received multiple honours. The firm also have 33% of its manufacturing site covered in trees (4000 in number). This fridge comes in 10 different colour tones to suit the aesthetics of anyone and everyone. Extremely stylish in make, the components are made of steel, glass, aluminium and brass.

Samsung 36-Inch Refrigerator with Family Hub™

Samsung is the most recent to join the bandwagon for eco-friendly refrigerators but it has been making waves already. The Samsun 36-inch counter depth 4-door refrigerator is a testament to this fact. Not just an amazing food preserver, this one is also a home entertainment system and meets the Energy Star requirements with an annual power output of 662kWh. All, this while it has a through-door ice and water dispenser, and a huge interactive touchscreen too. It’s Family Hub functionality allows the users to manage their daily life through the smartphonish interface. Feel free to list your plans, make shopping lists, play music, movies or connect your smart devices to this refrigerator cum mini experience centre.

Bosch B11CB50SSS 24-Inch Refrigerator

Ideally we would have put this one on the top of the list but you see, we play no favourites! Having said that, this eco-friendly refrigerator is ideal for those who have a love for exotic while also being supremely ecologically conscious. Also, this refrigerator is super compact and so, even if you have a humble little abode, this one will fit right in. It will keep your food fresh for twice as long as compared to the usual refrigerators. The model consumes only 357kWh per year.

Liebherr Monolith MRB3000 Refrigerator

A Gemran product, this HFC-free eco-friendly refrigerator was one of the first to be launched in the category. WHile it is essentially European, this refrigerator is a hot favourite in North America. This eco-friendly refrigerator does not utilise any solvents and the heat generated throughout the manufacturing process is actually reused for the office space heating. Even the plastic components being used are identified and marked for recycling. 

Blomberg BRFB1312SS 24-Inch Refrigerator

Last in our list is the Blomberg, the only eco-friendly refrigerator that is made of 99.9% lead-free materials and has absolutely no ozon-depleting greenhouse gases. A 2018 Energy Star Partner, this eco-friendly refrigerator has at least 85% recyclable components, with the manufacturing facility being ISO 14001 certified, a testament to the safe and responsible use of materials, energy, and natural resources.

So, folks, that was our list and while we couldn’t add many here, do feel free to pitch in and let us know of what is your favourite!

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