There is a sudden rage all over the internet about switching to cruelty-free skincare products. Going #crueltyfree is in, whether it’s shampoo, makeup, or sunscreen. Every year, more than 100 million animals are abused and killed in the United States alone due to animal experiments. Burning skin, administering medications, poisoning, inhaling poisonous chemicals, and various other procedures may leave animals traumatised, contaminated with diseases, and, in the worst-case scenario, dead, for no other reason than to ensure that medications and goods are safe for humans. Animal experimentation, it turns out, is flawed science and does not always work, according to a variety of reports. With that said, businesses that continue to test their goods on animals in 2019 are making a conscious decision to be inhuman, and no one can accept this. One of the most effective ways to express your resistance to animal testing is to switch to a cruelty-free skincare product.

Why switching to a cruelty-free skincare product is being emphasised?

Many of the substances and chemicals used in daily beauty items have been proved safe for human use. Many companies continue to subject animals to cruel and painful tests. In reality, the United States Food and Drug Administration does not mandate animal testing for cosmetics. We have seen several cases where using animals to test drugs intended for human use has failed due to physiologic differences. Furthermore, many cosmetics contain animal-based ingredients, making a cruelty-free lifestyle impossible to maintain.

Eight reasons to switch to cruelty-free skincare products

The good news is that many businesses have taken a stance against animal testing and, in some cases, have eliminated animal-based products from their formulations. If more consumers turn to cruelty-free goods, the market for these things will increase, and larger businesses will take notice. Best of all, understanding that your money isn’t going into animal testing gives you peace of mind when you buy cruelty-free goods. It can be difficult to find cruelty-free goods that perform well for you. You must eliminate brands that engage in these animal-abusing activities and replace them with new brands that you enjoy, which requires time and analysis. We’ve assembled a list of recommendations to save you time and link you with cruelty-free goods.

Cruelty-free products are usually better for the skin and less toxic. 

This is because most traditional skincare products contain toxins and harsh chemicals, the bulk of which you might not even be aware of. Since your skin is the largest organ in your body, if a product harms it, you can bet it will hurt your overall health. By moving to vegan and cruelty-free products, you’re choosing skin care with all-natural ingredients that are less likely to cause you harm and have harmful side effects.

Animal testing for skin care products is cruel, 

and if for no other reason, the desire to avoid harming animals should be enough to steer clear of cruel skincare brands. Apart from being exposed to barbaric practises such as cruelty and eventual death, these animals are confined to small cages and held in inhumane conditions. There is no such thing as painless animal research, so don’t believe the hype. These animals are exposed to a great deal of pain and trauma throughout their lives, and no animal deserves to live in such fear and misery.

Natural and cruelty-free skincare products are typically less costly 

than non-cruelty-free products that contain artificial ingredients. Make-up companies like MAC, Estée Lauder, and Clinique, for example, continue to research livestock, despite the fact that their products are costly. Look for the little pink leaping bunny on their packets, which means that they are proud of their environmentally friendly manufacturing practises and are doing things correctly. Switching to cruelty-free skincare items could also help you save money if you’re on a tight budget.

Companies will formulate their products using a list of over 7,000 ingredients that have been proven to be healthy. This clearly shows that there is no need to test additional ingredients on animals. The companies who want to test more products on animals do so to develop fresh, creative ingredients that will boost their profits.

By choosing to support cruelty-free businesses 

over those who choose to research animals, you’re sending a message to the whole industry in the only language they understand money. They understand that once they stop experimenting on animals, they will lose your business. We can make a difference and influence more businesses to go cruelty-free if enough people boycott companies that research animals.

Going cruelty-free is also a perfect reason to think about your purchases more carefully and take a more minimalistic approach. We are also minimising waste and doing our part to be more mindful and less wasteful of our resources by only purchasing the products we need. 

Making the switch to cruelty-free cosmetics and cleaning products allows you to discover better products for both you and the world. Many mainstream brands contain harsh or hazardous chemicals that are harmful to your body and, once flushed, are also harmful to the environment. Chemicals in personal care and cleaning items range from sulphates to parabens, and they all go through animal testing before reaching you and then being dumped into the atmosphere. Choosing cruelty-free goods has a significant effect on your health, the health of the world, and the welfare of innocent lab animals.

Big brands and independent brands alike respond as customers become more aware of what goes into their beauty products. You are no longer limited to a few colours in your neighbourhood health shop. There is now a HUGE variety of beauty items available on the internet and in stores. No one can say that choosing cruelty-free means they have to make some sacrifices.

List of switch to cruelty-free skincare products

Making informed decisions requires many studies, but we’ve put together a guide to help you navigate the cruelty-free beauty world. The following is a list of all the cruelty-free brands vetted according to the government guidelines. 

  1. The body shop- The Cruelty-Free International Leaping Bunny programme — the globally recognised gold standard for cruelty-free goods — has certified all of the Body Shop’s products. Their product line is also diverse, encompassing everything from makeup to beauty basics.
  2. NYX- The NYX brand is founded on a compassion for all living things and is known for its amazing line of cruelty-free skincare products. PETA has accredited NYX Professional Makeup as cruelty-free, and it is a well-known brand. It’s also one of the few foreign brands that refuse to sell its goods in China or any other country where animal testing is required by law.
  3. Forest essential– Forest Essentials, another PETA-approved brand, is cruelty-free and uses only ethically produced ingredients in its wide variety of products. Their high-end cosmetics have a lovely fragrance and will work well on your skin.
  4. Ruby’s organics- We love Ruby’s Organics for two reasons: first, all of their products are made with ingredients like almond, castor, jojoba oil, Vitamin E, shea butter, glycerin, and beeswax, which are used in skin-enriching lotions and potions to fix the harm that makeup does to your skin. As a result, we’re sold on the brand’s definition of skin-friendly makeup. Lipsticks, concealers, and eye shadows that complement Indian skin tones are part of their exclusive makeup line.
  5. Plum goodness- When it comes to the basics, the bulk of the face washes and moisturisers you’ve used might not have been cruelty-free. But don’t worry, you now know. If you’re worried about skincare basics, you can trust Plum, as have many others.
  6. Juicy chemistry- Juicy Chemistry has a range of super-refreshing sweets that taste like they’ve been plucked from the planet. Chemicals were not invited to this gathering, as shown by their rustic, no-nonsense packaging and the no-frills texture of their items.


Buying cruelty-free is a simple lifestyle change to make if you care about animals. It also doesn’t have to be done all at once. When you run out of something, you can easily switch to a new cruelty-free choice. This will assist in the elimination of product waste and the long-term investment of funds into goods.

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