Just a few days, and we are ready to jump into 2021. Your business resolve needs to be more eco-conscious in 2021 to have a positive impact on the environment. Even if your impact may seem small, but it is still valuable. All of these efforts add up as more businesses take steps towards sustainability and truly make a difference.

Environmental resolutions are heading towards helping the environment, and that is not all as eco-conscious business practices can also help your business.

There are two main benefits that companies can reap when they become greener and help the bottom line:

  • Cost reduction
  • Boost in their reputation

You can save millions of dollars by adopting greener practices depending on the size of your business. The savings tend to come primarily in reduced waste across the board and reduced energy costs. When you increase your business operation’s efficiency, there is no downside as it helps the environment and helps you maximize profits.

Your business also enjoys an enhanced reputation when you choose sustainability options in addition to the direct financial benefits. A study revealed that 81 percent of worldwide consumers believe that companies should do their part to improve the environment by adopting sustainability trends. These are the consumers who care about water pollution, air pollution, food waste, packaging waste, water shortages, and the use of pesticides. Sustainability practices are becoming the expectation for business rather than a novelty as awareness of environmental issues increases. Companies who make an extra push to work towards ecological conservation are looked upon as leaders in their respective industries and receive special attention from sustainability consumers.

Why Make Environmental Resolutions?

The most obvious reason is that you could have a superb effect on the environment. whilst your effort might also appear small on its own, it’s nevertheless treasured. As greater groups take steps toward sustainability, all of these efforts add up and absolutely make a distinction.

Top six eco-conscious resolutions to take for 2021

Every industry and business has its ways of making improvements, but some changes make sense for most companies. The changes are those that will help the environment and your business. Suppose you even adopt one or two of these resolutions this 2021. In that case, you can be sure to make a valuable change and likely experience motivation for continuing to make positive changes in the future.

  1. Carry a water bottle and reusable bag with you

The first eco-resolution and sustainable option are carrying reusable bags and water bottle whenever you travel. A great alternative to plastic bags is reusable bags because they are comparatively cheap, have a remarkable life-span, and preserve the planet. For plastic to break down at the landfill, and when plastic does breakdown, it takes up to 100-400 years. Plastic breaks down into tiny pieces and remains non-biodegradable.

Americans purchase enough plastic water bottles to circle the earth five times each week, as per EPA. It saves massive money in the long run if a reusable water bottle is used and is an easy switch to help an individual and the environment.

  • Eliminating phantom energy

Vampire energy is called phantom energy and is the energy used by electronic devices that continue to draw power even though they are not switched on and off. Energy vampires can add up to 10 percent of a household’s monthly electric bill. You can likewise preserve energy and money by using smart power strips.

  • Decrease the use of paper towel

The number one item going into the landfill as per the EPA is paper. Microfibre cloths or reusable cloth napkins and towels are the best alternatives to paper towels. When these reusable clothes are dirty, you can throw these clothes, which reduces unnecessary paper waste and helps saves you money in the long run.

  • Reducing the intake of meat

When you reduce or eliminate red meat intake, you can significantly impact reducing emissions and is an effective sustainability option. Suppose you start to have chicken by replacing beef for one year it helps reduce an annual carbon footprint amounting to 882 lbs of carbon, which is enormous.

  • Using eco-friendly cleaning products

Another sustainable option for eco-resolution is buying eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Using natural dish detergent in place of bio-degradable degreasers is one affordable sustainability option. It is not stopping just to one, but there are plenty of options and popular demand that have made these alternatives more affordable. These options are not only less damaging to the environment but are safe for your household use.

  • Donate or upcycle

Consider donating or upcycling your items if you are cleaning or moving out of your residence instead of throwing them away. Donating not only keeps them out of getting into the landfill but also benefit the local community.

10 Ways to make your office more sustainable and eco-friendly


Additionally, by improving your image among the consumers, you can also appeal to talented potential employees who want to work for an eco-conscious and sustainability thinking organization. While thinking about changes may seem complicated or a bit costly, you may be able to put in some genuine benefits.
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