It’s that time of the year again, which we all wait for. Exchanging and buying gifts for one another is what makes the festivals more unique and exciting. We all look for the best gifts to gift our loved ones, but how about giving them something hand-made and unique. Hand-made gifts are adorable and have a personal touch of their own. They are unique and different from the gifts that are available in the market. And if those DIY sustainable gifting ideas help them reduce their impact on the environment and can be reused or recycled, it will be like icing on the cake. Such eco-friendly gifts can be something that is special and can be reused later in different ways. Such DIY sustainable gifts are the most remembered and appreciated by others and make for an Instagram-worthy post. A brownie point they are cost-effective and are made from natural ingredients. If you are on your search to buy something useful and unique for gifting, you are in the right place.

7 DIY sustainable gifting ideas

Below we provide you with some fantastic and unique DIY sustainable gifting ideas for this festive season that can make your loved ones feel special and realize the importance of saving the environment as well.

  1. Plantable stationery– Probably one of the best DIY sustainable gifting ideas. Plantable stationary one of the most useful gifts for your small little ones or even for professionals out there. You can gift them handmade notepads, eco-pens, and pencils that are made from biodegradable paper. These stationery items can be planted in the backyard once you finish them using. These later grow into a flower, herb, or a variety of vegetables. 
  2. Earthen cookwares– This is perfect for those budding master chefs out there. This will be loved by those who love cooking. These earthen cookwares are packed with nutritional elements like calcium, phosphorus, and iron. These nutrients while cooking will interact with the food and benefit the body. Cooking and eating in clay pots and cookware has immense health benefits. These handmade cookwares are both stove and microwave friendly and can be used to make biryanis, curries, and dals. And bonus you may ask?- An eco-friendly cutlery!
  3. Rustic wood ornaments- You can also consider gifting wood hangings with their names or messages personalized on them. What you need is just some wooden disks cut in the form of a circle or a square. You can write your message or add a design with chalk paint and baker’s twine for hanging. Just spray some setting spray to keep the design intact and prevent it from smudging. These will make for some charming gift ideas. And you can also indulge in some eco-friendly packing to fulfill the purpose of sustainability.
  4. Lemon candles- How cute would those candles with lemon zest look? Isn’t it? And this is pretty simple to make. All you have to do is hollow out a lemon, boil some wax, add lemon oil and a wick to make them. You can wrap them in a unique gifting way by using a net and fancy papers. Candles are always a great idea as they bring that aura and revitalization to the place. And lemon-flavored candles are to die for. You can make them in a variety of flavors and scents. 
  5. Reusable lunch bags– We all know how harmful is the use of plastic bags. So, why not gift something environmentally friendly and useful at the same time. Make a cute reusable lunch bag from cloth easily at home and gift it in a uniquely wrapped manner. This is easy to make and can be made in any size. It can be used during travels and also be washed and reused again and again. 
  6. Magnet planters- You can make magnet planters easily at home. All you need to do is add water, place a plant cutting inside the planter and stick it anywhere you like. The planter can be made easily using ceramics with hand paint and can be made in different designs. This will give a vibrant look to the place and make them feel closer to nature.
  7. Homemade hot chocolate mix with coasters, tags, and recipes– One of the tastiest DIY sustainable gifting ideas. This can make for a great gifting idea for chocolate lovers out there. There is something about homemade things that are special and have a personal touch. This gift has a hot chocolate mix made at home with tags and coasters made out of seed paper. The coasters have different recipes on the back to get creative with the hot chocolate mix. You can write your message on the tag to give it a personal touch. 


DIY sustainable gifting ideas are super fun to make and are environmentally friendly gifts as well. The gifts listed above will give you an idea of making gifts from the things available at home. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab some items from your home, which you can reuse and make something unique and sustainable out of it.