Buzz on Earth stands for everything sustainable and one of the major issues plaguing the effective implementation of anything sustainable in this world is the monster of rapid, unprecedented climate change. The Economic Justice Conclave-2020, organized by NMIMS, Mumbai was one such step taken in the direction of effective policymaking for combating climate change as a challenge.

The Economic Justice Conclave (EJCON) aimed at bringing together people from across the political and social spectrums together in order to start a two-way interaction to come up with a more sustainable solution to the problem of climate change. The Conclave had people from not just academia but also business, policymaking, finance, political, sports and entertainment.

The Guests

Some of the notable guests included Riddhima Pandey, also known as the Greta Thunberg of India, Abhishek Agarwal- Founder of Pappco Greenware, Nidhi Jamwal, and Ashutosh Mohanty on Day 1. The Day 2 of the event had addresses from Haaziq Kaazi, the 13-year-old founder of ERVIS Foundation, Sumaira Abdulali, Malhar Kalambe, Rishi Agarwal and Gayatri Chauhan- Founder, Buzz on Earth.

And finally, for Day-3 the panel was moderated by Kota Neelima- Senior Research Fellow at John Hopkins University and the bestselling author of “Widows of Vidarbha” and “Shoes of the Dead”

The Agenda

The theme of the event was “Combating the existential threats of climate change in India – A pathway towards sustainable development”. The agenda was to organize a National Policy Challenge wherein students from across the country worked together to devise a policy for climate change. The best out of the proposed policies were then scrutinized and worked upon by the experts and finally submitted to the Relevant Regulatory Authorities by the Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics.