Plastic straws undeniably are one of the most environmentally damaging products that we use daily. These one time use plastic straws generally end up in oceans. Nearly 500 million plastic straws are used every day. Considering even a small part of this is disposed of in oceans, it certainly adds up to a large problem. Around 8.5 billion individual pieces of plastic straws currently pollute the oceans which pose a deadly risk to marine life. Turtles and marine birds end up bearing the worst of its brunt.

Image Source: FinalStraw

For people accustomed to drinking out of a straw and shunning straws altogether is not a solution, FinalStraw is a long-awaited practical alternative. FinalStraw is a collapsible straw designed to last a lifetime. Made from stainless steel with a 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic case, it is both dishwasher safe and free from the industrial chemicals that make up most regular plastic.


The best part is its foldable nature, which allows the user to attach it to a keychain and take it everywhere they go. This sets it apart from the other reusable straws on the market, which are made from bamboo and metal but are less convenient to carry around. FinalStraw comes with a squeegee to clean it, and a recycled plastic case about the same size as a smartphone.

Its development was funded by crowdfunding through, it had received phenomenal reception. It currently is on sale on their website.

Here is the link to pick one up for yourself