Pepsi has recently launched Drinkfinity in the US and Europe after a successful pilot in Brazil, which began in 2014. With Drinkfinity, consumers can create their own personalized drink in a matter of seconds. In the midst of the pollution caused by excessive plastic, it’s a welcome move by Pepsi Co.

Instead of selling use and throw plastic bottles, Pepsi is bringing reusable vessels for water. The flavor can be added to water through portable pods containing dry and liquid ingredients. The pods are squeezed into the bottle and the drink is ready.

There are four kinds of pods called “modes”. “Charge” pod contains green coffee abstract containing as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. “Flow” pods contain vitamins C and E. “renew” pods feature electrolytes. “Chill” pods contain relaxing botanicals. In terms of flavors, Pepsi got everyone covered! Pepsi calls it “A drink for every you”.

Each of these modes has plenty of flavors like acai, pomegranate ginger, elderflower and coconut water, watermelon made of dry and liquid ingredients like chia seeds, acai fruit, ginger root extract and concentrated fruit juices. The dry and liquid ingredients are mixed with the water on squeezing and prepare your drink which you can sip all day long.

Drinkfinity is win-win for everyone. Healthy as well as eco-friendly, this beverage is here to stay.

The product is getting a thumbs up from consumers. Reasons for a unique user experience-

  • The vessel that contains the water is reusable. There’s no need to buy bottles after bottles to enjoy your favorite beverage. The increment in the manufacturing of plastic bottles has caused a havoc on the planet. With this beautifully designed vessel, the plastic would be greatly reduced. Well, that’s a relief.
  • The pods are portable and convenient. Moreover, they are small and recyclable. The ready to drink water is readily available.
  • The separate dry and liquid components maintain the freshness of the drink. The drink can easily be made on the go and it will be fresh because the ingredients are delivered in the most optimized and natural format.

In the US, the price of Drinkfinity is $20 plus $6.50 per pod. Working out at a gym, going on a hike or just chilling at home, Drinkfinity is a refreshing choice for all.

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