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With more than 1 billion people lacking access to clean and safe drinking water. Water scarcity is going to be on the rise with global warming and rising climate change impacting human life. Over the last decade, the summers have extended, and the number of countries being impacted by drought is on the rise.

Need Innovative Technologies to Solve Water Crisis

Water scarcity is being driven by two congregating occurrences: growing freshwater usage and reduction of serviceable freshwater assets. Here is a technology which can address water crisis situation in developing worlds. The technology is named as Solarball which is a device which uses sunlight to clean dirty water and provides safe drinking water. The device can be highly useful in countries where the availability of drinking water is a serious concern.

Solarball Working Principle – How does it Clean Water?

The Solarball design is comprehensible and robust, with a weather-resistant structure, making it suitable for all regions and climatic zones. The solarball is water purifier which consists of a ball-shaped structure where the dirty water is stored. The dirty water evaporates due to sunlight and the clean water floats to the top of the dome of the solar ball. The process continues all day around, and the tiny evaporated clean water is slowly collected for drinking purpose.

The most important learning from Solarball is that technology doesn’t essentially need to be luxurious and complex. Solarball is an innovative idea of a technology which can be made with basic principle, simple mechanism and affordable for all ranges of people. Though products that clean contaminated water previously exists, but the solarball invention reiterates that technology can be made with less cost. According to the inventor, the solarball can produce up to 3 litres of water a day which is enough for a person.

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