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Two-thirds of the Indian landscape has no perennial river flowing through it, creating overdependence on groundwater. Even today three-quarters of India still drink untreated water, inadvertently leading to losses ranging from diarrheal deaths to permanent fluorosis. This is particularly heartbreaking in several areas of the country where water quality problem like high total dissolved solids, excessive concentrations of fluoride, arsenic, and the presence of nitrates, heavy metals, and water-borne diseases are all over the places. Besides India, there are many countries in the world that are suffering from water shortage.

But here is a brilliant traditional idea which has the potential to solve the water crisis naturally at low cost. The solution is named – Warka Water Tower, where the brilliant design harnesses drinking water from the atmosphere. The water harnessing technique of Warka is inspired by several traditional and natural principles. For instance, the insects and plants that have developed the capability of collecting and storing water from the air to survive in the most hostile environments on earth is a typical example.

Warka Water is made of a vertical structure which is designed in a way to harvest water. The structure collects water from air, rain, harvest fog, and dew. The system works on natural wonders such us gravity, condensation & evaporation. There is no need for any power, filtration system or mechanical devices required. The collected water in the Warka Tower is used by villagers and are maintained by them which ensure the sustainability of the project. Besides providing the fundamental need for potable water, the tower serves as a place for social activity such as gardening, community meeting and many activities which helps in community relationship building.

Warka Water Inc. Is a non-profit organization based out in the US. Their main focus is creating innovative and sustainable solutions to address the humanity’s most enduring problems through the fusion of local knowledge and resources, visionary design, and ancient traditions as quoted on their website.

The Warka Water tower design was inspired by termite hives where the principle of airflow, shade, and geometry is fundamentally drawn to build this self-sustainable water system.

The name of the project ‘Warka’ comes from the Warka Tree, which is a giant wild fig tree native to Ethiopia and is a part of the local culture. The Warka Water Tower was first established in Ethiopia and the organization is working on setting up the replica in countries like Colombia, India, Brazil, Nepal, Madagascar, and Sumba.

Here is a wonderful video on how Warka Water Tower sources water:

Image Source: warkawater


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