Farming nowadays is not limited to experts. People these days engage themselves in farming with whatever area of land they acquire. One of the main reasons for this is the overuse of pesticides in fruits and vegetables. Therefore, people try to cultivate vegetables required for their family themselves. The farming often takes place in the backyards and even on the terrace. Terrace farming has attained massive recognition among people down south India. Likewise, this is the story of police officials who took up farming on the barren land surrounding their office.

The Ambalavayal police station of Wayanad district was surrounded by nothing but dry land. But it’s the not the same anymore.  A few months ago things started to change in this police station. Three months ago Sub-Inspector Abbas Ali decided to do something on the 40 cents of barren land around the station. Mr.Abbas’s idea was to grow fruits and vegetables through organic farming. Mr. Ali shared his views with his fellow officials. To his surprise, everyone was overwhelmed by the idea. The police personnel of Ambalavayal became farmers. There where several discussions of the following days about how to execute the plans.

The officials started by tilling the land. They carried soil from the station property and spread it on the yard. For some vegetable, they bought grow bags. The officials stuffed the grow bags with dry cow dung and cocopeat and sowed the seeds. Every day 3-4 officers would water the saplings.

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The Fruit of Teamwork

Life of police personnel is very stressful. They are the first call in case of emergency for any individual in the country. The officers of Ambalavayal station showed a keen interest in their duty as well as in farming. They sometimes carried out farming in their uniform and sometimes in civil clothes. The ASI of Ambalavayal station Mr. Chami says this initiative has helped the police personnel to relax from their stressful duty. It has helped to develop a sense of teamwork among the officials.

Months passed by now the station has turned into a green atmosphere. It is hard to believe it was the same piece of land which ones used to nothing but barren soil. The station now consists of 40 varieties of vegetables and 500 plants in grow bags. In addition, some of the vegetables grown in the farm include chilies, brinjal, pumpkin, cabbage, spinach, bitter gourds, and tomatoes. Mr. Chami said that the team worked with no discrimination depending on their ranks which was the main reason for their success. The produce is sold within the office at the current market price. The money from the sale is used for station maintenance. Furthermore, the officials have plans to expand their cultivation and use them in the in-house mess kitchen.

This healthy start by the police officials will be inspiring one for many people. In fact, this farming method from the Ambalavayal station can aspire other stations as well and even several families to move to organic farming.


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