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Sea change movement is working to save marine life from Ghost nets. Ghost nets are those fishing nets which end up in oceans and cause tough time to the marine life.

According to GGGI annual report 2017, in just one deepwater fishery in the north-east Atlantic, some 25,000 nets totaling around 1,250,000 km in length – have been recorded lost or discarded. Ghost nets are one of the major problems aimed by Sea Change Movement.

Over 650,000 marine animals are killed or injured in fishing nets each year. More than 136,000 large whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions and turtles get caught in ghost gear. 71% of marine animal entanglements involve ghost gear. Ghost gear, often made of plastic, can continue to trap and kill animals for years.
According to WAP, over 640,000 tons of fishing gear is left in our oceans every year.

Sadly, the ghost gear issue is getting worse. Ghost nets are still ending up in our oceans, and it’s killing and entangling more sea animals.

Thai Union is Stepping up for Sea Life

Thai Union owns large food brands like John West, Chicken of the Sea, and King Oscar. It is the world’s largest producer of Tuna products. Its annual sales exceed US$ 4 billion and it employs more than 49,000 people.

Image Source: Pixabay

Thai Union aims to build upon its sustainability strategy to support Sea Change Movement. They aim to bring sustainable practices in global supply chains and fish with more environmental concern.

Thai Union has joined the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI), which was launched in 2015. This would enable the union to help protect animals from lost and abandoned fishing gear.

Thai Union is already supporting plastic-free packaging by using recyclable packaging for its products, such as steel, aluminium, and cardboard. To provide a more positive impact on marine plastic pollution, Thai Union encourages methods to reduce ghost gear in the ocean.

“Reducing abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear is key to ensuring the seas are sustainable now and for future generations. It has obvious impacts on global food security and the seafood supply chain, as well as an impact on the livelihoods of coastal communities.” – Dr. Darian, Thai Union’s global director for sustainable development.

With such a large, influential company on board, Sea change campaign can reach their milestone. Action taken by Thai union would motivate other companies to support sustainable practices.


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