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Kuznets curve, a bell-shaped curve of Environmental degradation and Total GDP growth per capita states whenever industrialization increases pollution increases, is a normal and general statement, isn’t it? but it also states that as industrialization increases the potential to curb pollution with technology and to reduce the aftermath or ill effects of it also increases and one of such technology, we have come up with is SEED-DRONE.

We have a solution for all the man-made interventions like terrorists’ attacks, damages due to infrastructure, rehabilitation centers, etc. but anyone thought of overcoming natural disasters? Coming to Forest fires which are caused naturally, it’s quite essential as a part of the ecosystem but it is disastrous too.

Humans use wood and products obtained from trees on a large scale. Humans have been cutting trees for several centuries now, be it for timber, land or any other purpose. Combining human intervention with natural calamities especially forest fires have led to the loss of several thousand acres of vegetation being burned down. This has led to a loss of forests at an exceeding rate. Millions of acres of forest land are lying unused and turning barren.

Although having recognized the importance of afforestation, it has been a very difficult process since the planting of trees takes a lot of physical work and time. Manual planting of trees requires a huge amount of manpower and subsequently, money.

But living in an era of automation and innovation, an alternative to manual planting of trees has been developed SEED – DRONE.

SEED – DRONE is an artificial intelligent drone created to plant trees having a capacity to plant around a million trees per day. Such drones have potential, capability and precision to plant those seeds at perfect depth and at perfect conditions. It follows the traditional seed – ball making technique. It is developed to avoid and save a lot of manpower and time. Since manually planting trees would take an era to do so, but with seed drones, it can be achieved in a couple of days.

The seed – drone performs three major functions which are a plantation of the trees of your choice, protecting them by spraying pesticides, fertilizers, protection from invasive species hence reducing competition among plants and monitoring through a survey for different customers, government and for researchers.

The working of seed drone is based on artificial intelligence wherein you can write a program or algorithm mentioning the amount of land you want to carry out tree plantation in acres by mentioning the geo-coordinates and the distance between two seeds. An individual with 15 such drones can plant up to 800 trees in a day and can save 360 manual labor hours.

This seed – drone can be used in the recent ‘Green Maharashtra Mission’ wherein the government aims to plant 33 crore trees within Maharashtra in order to maintain 33% green cover contributing to the state as well as the country. Dr. Sheetal Amte-Karajgi, social entrepreneur and CEO of Maharogi Sewa Samiti, Anandwan (Warora), who is taking the lead in this mission alongside the Maharashtra government also said, “In conventional forestry, you cannot plant more than 400 trees.” as quoted by Times of India article on 17th January 2019. They have planted 2520 trees in just 0.2 acres of land. This can be enhanced and increased by many folds by using SEED – DRONES. Similar project running Nationwide and in different states can use the seed drones as it can plant trees faster, better and also at terrains which are inaccessible or can be hardly accessed by man.


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