Gayatri Chauhan
Founder & CEO

An alumnus of IIT Roorkee and ISB Hyderabad, Ms. Gayatri is working towards building a business case for global sustainable development.

Mahesh Krishnamurti

Mahesh Krishnamurti is Advisor-Partner at GAIA Ventures and BuzzOnEarth Media. Formerly MD India and member of Global Leadership Team, at RGP, a leading NASDAQ-listed management consultancy.

Sharon and Leonard Wojno
Content Contributors

Leonard and Sharon Wojno practice sustainability and wellness in their daily lives- Vegetarian and user of alternative nutritional therapies, and user of alternative house products.

Subhamoy das
Content Contributor

Subhamoy Das is an amateur photographer and writes on climate change and environmental issues.  He particularly loves bird photography and is an ornithology enthusiast passionate about wildlife conservation and eco-tourism. 

Dhruvika singh
Content Manager

Dhruvika writes on sustainable practices in various sectors for BuzzOnEarth. Get in touch with her at Sometimes she reads her emails too.

Rakhi Chakraborty
Social Media Manager

Rakhi is a writer and social media manager who moonlights as a sustainability activist.


Shatakshi Tripathi
Content Manager

Shatakshi calls herself a Confused Genius and reads Gangster books with a Children’s book bookmark in them. Mostly, she can be found listening to people if not reading.

Kirti Menon
Content Contributor

Kirti likes nature, cats, board games and coffee among other things. Trudging through law school. She is happiest at the movies.

Jessica Bernard
Content Contributor

Jessica Bernard is an urban economist based in Mumbai focusing on sustainability, circular economy and resource management.

Kashish Godha
Software & Web Developer

Kashish is a passionate software and web developer. She wants to fully utilize her skills and hard work while making a significant contribution to societal progress and increase in quality of life.