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Ideas. We’re so full of them. Our thoughts, experiences, perspectives shape us as well as the world around us. So, it’s better to keep these ideas flowing through discussions, chats or regular talks. But life has its own ways of keeping us busy. Our thoughts come and go and we miss out on so many sparks that could end up being phenomenal. We can’t let that happen!

That’s what ‘The Discovery Space’ by Noorworks is here for! The Discovery Space (www.thediscoveryspace.com) is a community forum for conversations to take place. A community is nothing but a cluster of people. These people share knowledge of their world and connect with people who have worlds of their own. This connection can result in infinite new possibilities. And that’s how a chain of ideas is formed.

So, get ready for one of its kind event, the S.I.C.K event. S.I.C.K stands for ‘Social Initiative to Change the Kulture’. It started with collaborative creation with some incredible young artists who kept using the word “Sick” as a way of describing something amazing. That’s how S.I.C.K got its name. These young people are the inspiration behind the whole initiative. This movement has been unfolding organically through them.

The S.I.C.K Programme is a 5-day programme for young adults between the ages of 19 and 25.  The objective is for them to be trained by experienced Professionals, Coaches, and Facilitators. These facilitators vary in their work and share the benefit of their life and professional experience with a group of young people – imparting knowledge which will help them to become more resourceful as S.I.C.K Leaders in the classroom and life.

Mahnaz Bhatti is the creator of Noorworks and is a coach and workshop facilitator. An expert in Leadership and Self Mastery, Communication,  Emotional Intelligence and supporting people in tuning into their own creative mind, Mahnaz believes in self-reflection and connecting to her own inner wisdom and is passionate about supporting people to reconnect with theirs.


“I had a strong pull to start working with young people because of some interactions and observations around behaviour I had experienced on public transport. This was coupled with the increasing level of violence in our area. At the end of 2017, I met Lemzi, a local rap and grime artist at a community meeting. He performed live. I felt his passion for music and having something to say. We connected.” quotes Mahnaz.

And that’s how it all started. The dots connected and 4th November is going to be the first S.I.C.K event featuring some brilliant people with interesting ideas.

“It’s the first one! That makes it hugely exciting. It’s about lifting spirits. For young people to come and have a good time. An open safe space for connections to take place and for people to enjoy a few hours of music and performances which will lift spirits and inspire.” added Mahnaz.

The event will take place at the prestigious Waltham Forest Assembly Hall this Sunday at 2 pm – 6 pm. There are going to be a panel discussion, poetry, Open Mic, Dance, Music, and more surprises. Make sure you’re there. It’s going to be sick!

Get your tickets here- https://www.thediscoveryspace.com/sickwalthamforestevent2018


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