Medical Assistant certificate Nutritional certificate from Schiff foods Family operated Health food store from 1966 to 1990 Diagnosed father’s kidney issue through reflexology after hospital misdiagnosed pain as a gallbladder issue. Masters of Science in Remedial Reading and Special education. Operator of quantum mechanics health devices such as SCIO and Trinfinity8 and advocate of mystical practices. Vegetarian, a user of alternative nutritional therapies, and user of alternative house products. My life is my message.

People need motivation for wanting to change their way of acting to support a planet that is run harmoniously, respecting all of creation. Being a vegetarian is one way that one helps a world and all the creatures that survive on it.

I want to share one experience that inspired me to remain a vegetarian and several experiences that inspired me to become compassionate to all Creations of the earth. The first is a simple experience but with great significance…

I was walking in the Smithhaven Mall in Smithtown, Long Island, New York, as a young adult observing the exhibits. One exhibit was the presentation of a hybrid animal: A cross between a cow and a buffalo which is called a beefalo. It was a baby. I asked the attendants out of curiosity about what they did with this little animal at night. The answer surprised me and gave me an education I will never forget. I was told that this little fellow cries when he is left alone. Thus the attendants have to hire a baby sitter. 

Thereby, I learned firsthand that animals have emotions. The thought crossed my mind at the time. “They have feelings, how can I kill cows and then eat them.

What kind of karma(payback to the Universe) will I have to pay for such disregard for life? The following thought was also turned over in my mind. Just think they have emotions of fear and fright, and this goes into their muscle tissues-their meat. And these feelings/emotions are naturally triggering specific hormone productions in them.

So besides feeling sick about eating something that cries and can feel and the karma for a disregard for other life forms; an alarm was raised in me. What can these active emotional hormones that I will consume eventually do to me; I have my emotional issues to work out? And I don’t know the answer to this.

So now I became a vegetarian for spiritual reasons: to reframe from hurting other species. However, I wish to share with you the primary reason why I became a vegetarian. Life can take you to different tributaries to teach you a final lesson.

It was on the advice of a biochemist and a chiropractor that I became a vegetarian first. I first experienced large bumps growing on my legs back in 1968. At that time, I had discovered that there was a link between my consumption of meats, with me, it was eating hamburgers and the painful bumps.

The preservatives called nitrates caused them. Once in the body nitrates convert to nitrites. Nitrites can combine with amines, which are the products of protein breakdown in meats to form nitrosamines. Nitrites are used to color, flavor, and preserve processed meats. The problem with these chemicals is that if you do not have sufficient Hydrochloride Acid, you cannot get the chemicals out of the body and you become sick.

I discovered the side effects of nitrates and nitrites in an article in a magazine. It stated that nitrates and nitrites could cause, allergies, cancer, and whatnot. I was lucky for my parents took me to a biochemist for blood analysis when I showed them the bumps. This biochemist diagnosed a lack of enzymes in my blood and suggested digestive enzymes to help me digest various foods and to eliminate the poisons from the body and to eat only organic raised foods because all the chemicals were killing me. He suggested a vegetarian diet too.

However, I wish I knew that I had learned in school that animals have feelings. I think children should be exposed to animals and the fact that they have souls. If I had and I was shown this perhaps I would have given up meat sooner and thereby prevented my suffering later in life.

However, at least I learned something as a young adult and was able to discipline myself immediately and correct the condition and eliminate meat permanently.

There are three incidents that showed my husband and me that animals are a lot more aware then we think they are. These experiences also left a very moving feeling. It made us very much want to love the animal and other kingdoms even more so.

I was outside doing an astrological chart reading for my friend. All of a sudden, my dog stood near me, and I saw a picture of her water dish in my mind’s eye. I instantly brought the plate out. Lo and behold seconds later, my brother shows up at the back door of the house and because he doesn’t like doors open in the front of the house locks me out of the house.

My question is, “How did my dog know that we would be locked out of the house.” Animals have a sixth sense. If they have this and most humans don’t use it, then how could I justify treating animals in a way other than divinely. I should at least treat animals with the same degree of respect that I treat humans.

My husband, who had been gone for four months experienced a heavenly surprise when he came home. Our dog Shadow expressed extreme happiness upon his arrival. He broadcasted the feeling of joy.

Here is another example of an animal having a horse sense something humanity has lost. It centres on the Hoxsey cancer therapy.

This therapy was discovered because Mr Hoxsey didn’t have the heart to kill his horse that came down with cancer. Instead, he released the horse into the field. When the horse returned cured, he was surprised! He decided to follow the horse and see what foods the horse was eating. He discovered the herbs and decided to give it to others. Because too many people were being cured the USA government under direction of one of these or a combined effort of them (called FDA, AMA, or drug companies) chased Mr Hoxsey out of the USA and forced him to go to Mexico to serve the people.

Sustainability needs to include the willingness of Humans to observe the behaviour of other living creatures and be willing to learn from them to enrich our own lives and the life of the planet. Profit should never be a contributing thing. If something works for the environment, then we must learn to adapt it regardless of financial concerns.

My father went to Mexico for this cure, and his colon was cured. His death was not caused by cancer later in life but by mistreatment in a veteran hospital.

If animals have such instinctive abilities and man in many cases doesn’t awaken it or doesn’t use, then I think we should start listening to the animals around us and learn how to live on the planet earth.


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