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A group of German Scientists has made a major revolution in growing the first crop in Antarctica without the help of soil and sunlight. The scientists harvested their first crop with lots of vegetables to make a salad. This invention is regarded as a major achievement in making distant planet travel feasible. The invention tomorrow might help people traveling to Mars or any deep places for that matter to grow and make their own food.

The vegetables were grown in a high-tech structure with the temperature outside dropping as low as -20°C. In the first harvest, the researchers of Germany were able to cultivate 18 cucumbers, 70 radishes and around 4 Kg of salad greens. The high-tech facility used LED lighting, circular reusable water cum nutrient system to grow the crops. The entire plant growth was digitally monitored to ensure natural conditions for the plant to grow better.

Today, astronauts around the world live on dehydrated and packed food during their space travel. This innovation will open space for long mission travel and even create a colony in the mars or the moon.

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Image Source: DLR


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