ENLIL Turbines- Generating Power Through Passing Vehicles

Did you ever experience the gush of wind in your face by vehicles driving by while crossing the road or walking down the footpath? One Turkish firm has built a new kind of wind turbine to harness that wind power.

ENLIL Wind turbines are created by Deveci Tech from Istanbul, Turkey, dedicated to building smart and renewable cities of the future.

The turbine is designed vertically with long blades. It covers less area on the ground and is easy to handle. It can easily be assembled and disassembled which makes it durable. Solar panels are fixed at the top of the turbine to generate extra electricity. The device is capable of producing approximately 1 kilowatt per hour of electricity. A single ENLIL turbine can easily provide the average daily electricity needs of two households.

Apart from that, the turbine also contains inbuilt sensors like carbon footprint sensors, to detect earthquakes and IOT platform. The safety and comfort of the city are also ensured.

The turbine can be installed in parks, near seashores, rooftops, households but the roads are the ideal locations for the device. The big vehicles like buses can provide a lot of wind energy. The speeding vehicles on the highway can provide enough wind for these turbines to work all day and night without stopping. The energy generated can be transported to places or it can be used for maintenance of roadways. This technology can revolutionize the roads.

The product is still in its developmental phase. The Deveci Tech team is still improving their design to make it more efficient and well-built before it hits the roads.

Turkish inventor, Gelecegin Yenilenebilir Sehirleri, the man behind the vertical wind turbine, named it ENLIL after the Mesopotamian god of wind and storms. Sounds fitting!

The clean energy is the key to building smart cities that run on renewables. The idea behind the turbine is simple. It’s no groundbreaking technology but it can have the potential to significantly decrease our dependence on fossil fuels for electricity. These small solutions can bring big changes and are capable of breaking the conventional.

Source- Devecitech


Dhruvika Singh

Dhruvika writes on sustainable practices in various sectors for BuzzOnEarth. Get in touch with her at dhruvika@buzzonearth.com. Sometimes she reads her emails too.

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