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The most attractive renewable energy systems today is the wind power. The wind energy is seen as a potential source to address the issue of climate change across the world. Despite huge potential, the current wind turbine technology is not being adopted in large scale due to cost. Unless there is support from Government in terms of subsidies, the wind turbines are not the first option for renewable power. Further, transportation of wind turbines becomes difficult in most parts of the world.

Investing in new technology is the best option to increase the adoption of wind power
Innovation and new ideas can definitely make the impossible possible in the world today. Here is a solution from Saphon, out of Tunisia, which uses Zero-Blade Technology to produce wind energy. The unique Zero-Blade Technology is inspired by the sailboat feature where the wind turbine blades are replaced by a sail-shaped structure with the hub and gearbox removed. This solution is cost effective and addresses the topmost issues in wind energy – cost and transportation.

As reported on their website, Saphon’s aim wasn’t to improve the current wind turbines technology but rather to challenge the “box” and develop a radical new way of harnessing the wind. The basic idea was to remove the whole rotating system (blades and hub) and to replace it by a non-rotational sail-shaped body. The idea has evolved over time and emerged as a promising technology named the Zero-Blade Technology. The related wind converter, baptized “The Saphonian”, is bladeless, rotationless, and follows, instead, a back and forth 3D knot motion, largely inspired by sailboats.

The test reports published on the webpage of Saphon Energy claim that the Zero Blade Technology is twice as efficient as the conventional bladed wind turbines. Further studies also reported that the bladeless technology is far superior in various wind energy parameters covering Performance Coefficient (Cp), and generated power.

The company is currently looking for manufacturing partners across the world.

Image Source: Saphon Energy




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